The Elven Prince

Dear Fellow Humans

Eloran the 2nd


Update July 13, 2014

Update on books and things

Update April 30, 2014

Update April 11, 2014

Update March 26, 2014

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Chapter One: part one

Chapter One: part two

Chapter Two: part one

Chapter Two: part two

Chapter Two: part three

Chapter Two: part four

Chapter Three: part one

Chapter Three: part two

Chapter Three: part three

Chapter Four: part one

Chapter Four: part two

Chapter Four: part three

Chapter Five: part one

Chapter Five: part two

Chapter Six: part one

Chapter Six: part two

Chapter Seven: part one

Chapter Seven: part two

Chapter Eight: part one

Chapter Eight: part two

2 responses to “The Elven Prince

  1. Thanks for reading the book and leaving a comment! Though I did set it up with an obvious part 2, it’s not written yet. When it is written, I will definitely post about it on my wordpress page.
    Next to be published is a as yet unnamed book of short stories and poems.
    Thank you for your interest L. Hart!

  2. L. Hart

    I loved the elven prince. the entire plot and romance was wonderful. however, because of the vision Eloran had about his husband dying and the war; not to mention the Kings vision, will there be a book 2 and will it be in 2015?

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