Chapter Three: part one

Anan frowned as a knock came from the door leading to the human world. She had just let a group of gnomes through, on their way home, and they were the last group she knew of in the human world.

Though the gateway between worlds was open to anyone who desired passage, most could not cross over without help. Anan, strong in magic, helped those that wanted to change into more human appearance as they passed through her home. As it took a lot of magic, only a certain number were allowed to cross at a time. She was informed of who and how many would cross long before they made the crossing. If a visitor did not need her help, she would still be told, as the Finarans needed to walk through her house in order to come to the human world.

When the knock came again, Anan walked slowly to the front door, weaving a protective spell about her. There were those that knew of her and wanted her magic, and access to the Gate. She was powerful enough to stop them, but still needed the time to weave the spells.

As she neared the door, she finished the spell and held it. When she opened the door and saw Eloran, she smiled and pulled the spell back into herself, reabsorbing the magic.

“Prince. How lovely to see you again. What brings you here?”

He bowed to her. When he looked into her eyes again, he sighed, wondering what he should tell her. As with his father, he could not come up with a lie, therefore he stuck with the truth. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

She bit her lip as she smiled and leaned against the door. “That’s lovely. I couldn’t stop thinking about you either.”

He looked rather happy at her admission. “If you’re not busy, perhaps we could spend some time together?”

“Yes. I was just about to go for a walk. I need to catch dinner and I also need a few herbs. Come with me?”

A light came into his eyes. “Yes.”

“One moment while I gather my basket. Please wait here.”

He nodded then leaned against the house next to the door when she walked away. He stared off into the forest as his heart beat faster and faster. His guard was in Gateway, at the tavern, with instructions not to bother him unless absolutely necessary. The guard agreed and seemed to know some of the inhabitants of the village. Eloran left his horse at the village stables and walked to Anan’s home.

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