Back of the Book

Morning! I will be posting Chapter 4 bits starting next week, until the book is for sale. This week, I wanted to give you the back of the book info! Also, if I haven’t made it clear, this is a Fantasy Romance novel. Though it does not take place on Earth, it has elements of modern love stories.



As the youngest of six princes, Eloran of Grenlacks will never be king. This does not bother him in the least. His lack of responsibility leaves him time for women and anything else he pleases. Marriage is the furthest thing from Eloran’s mind, until he meets Anan.

Anan is an elf, and youngest daughter of King Nassir of Finara, a neighboring realm. Anan is quick to smile and laugh. She is an intelligent, powerful elven warrior, and finds Eloran charming. As Guardian of the Gate between their two worlds, Anan has met many men, but waits for the one she has dreamt about for over a century.

The pair fall in love quickly, but all is not peaceful. As the relationship develops, Eloran becomes aware of an awful truth regarding one of his brothers. And Anan senses that a life long friend does not approve of her choice of partners, to the point of betrayal.

With the help of family, and an unexpected friend, Eloran and Anan try to find the strength to overcome personal dangers and learn that love has more to offer than either of them ever imagined.

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