Update April 30, 2014

I have decided to aim for June 30th as the release date. Why? Several reasons

I’m still working on the edits for the book. I have a friend helping me, and as we both work for a living, it’s taking longer than I anticipated. I am not looking for perfect: there is no such thing without a full time paid editor. I’m looking for right, and it’s not there at the moment.

Also, between now and June 30th, I will be spending 3 weeks in France, and feel that releasing the book now is counter productive.

Why counter productive? Trying to rush the edit before I leave is just asking for trouble.

And I’ve been convinced I should do a book release party. It wasn’t that hard to convince me, it’s a good idea. I want the book release party to coincide with the actual book release.

And to help with the costs of the book release, I’m probably going to use Kickstarter. Have not worked out all the details, and the more I figure out (after I get back) the more I’ll tell.

So basically, too much to do before leaving for France and just would like to have the book right before releasing it. Sorry for the delay, but it’s a learning process for me. Thanks for learning with me.

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