Chapter Six: part one

The group of five pixies walked through Anan’s home, changing and laughing. Their wings disappeared, they became taller, and their hair became blond. Pixies usually had pale pink, blue or orange hair. When they chose to go into the human world, they seemed to gravitate towards blond, or at least this group did.

The leader of this particular group, Xyta, always had her hair at an impossible blond; almost ghost white. It was to attract men more, she stated. Xyta also seemed to prefer rosy cheeks, full red lips, and a large bosom. She was always the most attractive of the group; it was what she demanded.

Anan didn’t like Xyta, and neither did King Nassir. Whenever Xyta visited the human world, she found a way to enslave a human male or two. Anan would always release the men before they could enter her home, but it still harmed them. The only reason Xyta continued to gain access to the human world was due to her mother, Xyl. She was the queen of the Pixies and always promised her daughter would conduct herself better.

The group stood at the human world door, giggling. Anan smiled pleasantly, opened the door and indicated the way out. Xyta turned then giggled and placed a hand on the man standing on the other side of the door.

Anan tried to hide her reaction when she saw Eloran, but failed. Xyta saw her smile and gave Eloran her full attention.

“A handsome man to greet me at the door. What more could a woman want?”

Eloran gave the woman an odd look. “I’m sorry, I’m here for Anan. I just didn’t have a chance to knock.”

Xyta stepped closer to him and moved her hand to rest over his heart. She gazed intently into his eyes and whispered in a language he could not understand. It was said too quickly for Anan to catch and then it was done. Xyta winked at Eloran and left, with her four friends following closely behind her.

Eloran frowned, shook his head and looked after the five women. His sight dimmed for a moment and he couldn’t find his breath. When his breath returned, he started walking after the five women that were still in sight. A hand on his shoulder stopped him.


He stared at the woman in front of him, and shook his head. “Anan. What happened?”

Anan reached out, grabbed his arm and pulled him into her house. “Remove your shirt. I need to see where she touched you.”

He complied, but with a frown on his face. A part of him still wanted to leave and find that woman, the woman who touched him. Once his shirt was off, Anan stepped closer and whispered a few words in Elven. He inhaled sharply, and she saw it.

“She put a hex on you.” Anan’s voice was tight with hate.

“She?” Eloran had no idea what Anan was saying.

Anan looked into his eyes. “Xyta. She put a hex on you.”

As soon as the pixie’s name was off her lips, Anan saw her mistake in Eloran’s expression.

“Xyta.” He whispered with need.

His eyes glazed over then lit up like candles flaring in an errant wind. He turned from Anan and reached for the doorknob. Anan slipped in front of him and leaned against the door.

“Eloran. Remember who you are. Remember where you are.”

He stepped back, shook his head and took a deep breath. Eloran looked to Anan with a slight shake in his voice. “What’s happening?”

“She put a hex on you. She’s trying to enslave you for her pleasure.”

An odd, goofy smile came to his face. It was not the same as his usual goofy smile. “I wouldn’t mind pleasuring her.”

Anan gave him a pained look, then put her emotions aside. She needed to break the hex. Quickly, she reached out and took his hand. “I need to help you, Eloran. We need to stop what she did to you.”

“Why?” He looked inebriated. “She seems like fun.”

Anan took a deep breath. “Come with me, Eloran. We are going to do something to make her want you more.”

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