Dear Fellow Humans,

It’s been a rough few days for me. My country elected a man I did not vote for and did not want to see win. (To be fair, I didn’t want the loser, either.) But I’ve lived through plenty of elections where ‘my guy’ didn’t win and I’ve survived. The vast amount of fear I am seeing on my Facebook news feed though, is disheartening and has depressed me.

I have also seen some magnificent people come forward to share ideas on how to make things better. Those people make me happy.

But, due to politics, I have dreaded going on Facebook since Tuesday. This morning, a fan made things a little lighter.

I received a message from a fan, from a woman I’ve never met, asking me if The Elven Prince Two was in the works.

That. Felt. Amazing. It felt so awesome that I decided to write this! I wanted to thank that fan for helping me to find peace. And to reach out to all my fans (friends and strangers alike) and remind them to not let fear win. Reach out to the people you love, to the things you love, and surround yourself with love. And then reach out to strangers and share that love as well.

As humans, we may have a rough time ahead of us, but when do we not? Any time we have a bad time, we seem to forget what makes us the happiest. Find what makes you happy, what brings you peace and concentrate on those. Then, help others find it as well.

And to the fan that wrote to me, and to others that would like to know, yes, I am writing The Elven Prince Two, it is just slow going. Once the book is out, it will have an introduction that explains why it’s been slow going. I apologize for the time is is taking and ask that you please stick with me, the book is coming. And thank you for asking.


Cat Stark

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