History Lessons

A Bar Called Always is a bar that exists out of time. Which makes writing interesting, especially when a man from the 1500s is talking to a wild west cowboy. Story will be posted later today, but things I had to look up (most of the answered were found through Wikipedia):

When did chocolate come to England? After 1650s.

When did coffee come to England? 17th century. Fun fact: The local clergy condemned coffee when it came to Venice in 1615.

When were blue jeans invented? I knew it was the Gold Rush era due to a High School report, but I still wanted to make sure that somehow or another it wasn’t around before.

Would a 16th century man know what furniture varnish/polish was? Yes, but not as it is used today.

Would a 16th century man know what a gun was? Yes, guns have been around a long time, but it obviously would not look the same.  And that wasn’t really about when guns were used, but when guns were used on a regular enough basis that it would be recognizable

When were holsters invented? Beginning of fucking time, apparently. Not really, but they were used for spears and rocks long before they were used for guns.

At that point, I decided to write this to let you all know how interesting my morning has been. I wanted to be authentic as possible with this stuff. I can’t imagine what it would be like for someone from the 16th century to pop into a bar (tavern) that looks like it was from our time-ish, but I wanted to make the knowledge the traveler had sink up to what someone of that era would know.

And no, the man does not go insane with all the things he sees. This is not that type of bar. You’ll find out why at some other point in the month. I have figured out I want to write about the person who finds the bar. Oh, and yes, you will find out what happens to Larry and Shana. Their story is not done.

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