Daily Prompt: Strategy

via Daily Prompt: Strategy


Sasha looked to the DM with a glint in her eye. She had been waiting for this the entire battle. Her initiative roll had been a 3. It was her worst roll of the night.

The group found themselves in a sticky situation in a castle. The others were doing fairly well and the orcs who had taken the king hostage were practically on the run. Unfortunately, they were taking the king with them.

“All right, Sasha, what does our wizard paladin have in store for us now?” Travis the DM said with a bit of annoyance coming through. Sasha was great at finding loopholes to make her character far more powerful than it should be.

“I told you, I’m not a wizard paladin. I’m an arch druid ninja wizard.”

“Whatever. What are you going to do?”

“So I still have my minion active. It goes on my turn. It’s going to heal Derrick. Using my magic ring, I’m going to bring forth a swarm of giant wasps to help Marlene. Using my action and my bonus action, I’m going to run into the group of orcs, grab the king and use my other magic ring to get him out of their hands.”

Travis stared at her with angry eyes. Her character was way to powerful. “Roll.”

Sasha reached for her dice. “Remember, I have advantage to all rolls because-”

“I remember, Sasha! Just roll!”

Sasha grabbed her two favorite twenty-siders. One was blue with gold numbers, the other green with red numbers. She cupped her hands together and shook for a good long time, staring the DM in the eyes the entire time.

“God damn it, Sasha! Just roll! You’re taking longer to roll than the entire battle took!” Derrick liked Sasha usually, but she was laying it on thick tonight. She acted as if her character was the only one that could win the battle.

Sasha stuck her tongue out at Derrick, gave a couple more shakes of her hand and let the dice fly on the table where everyone could see. With all her advantages, she didn’t need a high roll. When the dice landed, there was brief silence. All the players stood to look at the dice. Sasha’s eyes went wide.

“No. No! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She nearly screamed.

Travis erupted into maniacal laughter, as did Derrick and Leroy. Marlene snickered. She would have laughed harder, but didn’t want to upset her big sister.

“Well,” Travis clapped his hands together once, “let’s see. Derrick, the minion accidentally cures your wounds fully, using up all his magic, and disappears. Sasha, you touch your ring to try and summon the wasps, but you twist too hard and break it.”

“What? No, that’s not right! You can’t do that.”

“Sasha, you botched. Not only did you botch, you rolled double ones. There’s nothing you can do at this point but hope the king doesn’t die. Your plan was great, your dice roll wasn’t. Now, even though you don’t summon the wasps, you do run for the orcs and the king. You slip on some blood and run right into an orc and knock yourself out. The orcs grab you as well and head out the door. Top of initiative. Derrick, you’re fully healed, what do you do?”

Sasha stared at her dice, showing a one and a one and tried not to get upset. It was just a game, after all, but it was disappointing. She had a great strategy. If only her dice had cooperated.

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