Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

An exert from The Grey House Trilogy Book Two: Inside the Grey House:

The large vampire knew he could win this fight if he used his full speed to knock Natalia to the ground. He would have her down and the fight done in seconds, but he wasn’t done yet, and neither was she. The fight was still brewing in her, still simmering in hate. Wanting Natalia to feel as if she had a chance, Vincent thought about his next move, and understood what he could do to make himself look a little less competent. His men would know he was faking, but the human would not. A steady, hard look on his face, Vincent placed his feet under him, leaning forward on his hands like a sprinter at the start of a race. Knowing he could still take many hits, he waited for the fight to continue, watching as Natalia backed up, getting some distance between them. Her inscrutable expression had not change, and she wasn’t standing how he expected her to.


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