via Daily Prompt: Puzzled

This is not from the trilogy. It is from a book I haven’t finished yet. It’s called “Feed the Piggies”. It is a love story, of sorts. And that’s all I’m telling you.


She frowned. “I don’t understand. How do they not know about you?”

“They’ve found two of my kills, but never connected it to me. The rest are thought to be runaways.”

Once the chipper was apart enough, and the motor out of the way, he grabbed the hose and turned the water on low. He used the low pressure to get the bigger pieces and collected those as he could. With the bigger pieces gone, he turned the water on higher and sprayed down the wood chipper.

There was a drain in the barn that flowed into a special septic tank that was not attached to the one for the main house. This tank’s outflow pipes led into the forest. Willem cleared out the septic tank often to make sure it didn’t back up. He was very careful with how he got rid of the remains. Jail was not an option. Sasha watched Willem for a few minutes, a puzzled look on her face. She had no idea what he was doing. Willem saw the look and wondered how she could miss the obvious.

Sasha shook her head to clear it. “Why don’t you want them to know what you’ve done?”

He nearly glared at her. “I don’t want to get caught.”

“But if they know that you’re killing and they can’t catch you, or don’t know who’s doing the killings, that’s a real thrill.”

“I don’t want to end up in jail or dead myself. I prefer the anonymity. You like that they found your kills? You like that they gave you a nickname?”

It was more statement than question, but she nodded and smiled. “They don’t have a clue who I am. Before all this started, I never had a record, never once talked to the police. They don’t have my fingerprints or DNA or anything. It’s great!”

He nodded and didn’t say anything. The police had her fingerprints and her DNA, but didn’t have a name for the person attached to it. At some point, she would make a mistake. She wasn’t careful enough.

“So, what are you doing anyway? Do you chop a lot of wood?”

He paused and tried not to laugh at her ignorance. There had been traces of blood and bone on the chipper when she walked into the barn. The huge plastic collection bag had traces of blood on it and tough the bag was black, the blood was still noticeable. Willem looked at Sasha for a moment, wondering if this were a game. She could be trying to look dumber than she was. Some people did that as a defensive mechanism.

Willem decided to let her figure it out and shrugged. “Just cleaning up some things that were lying around. I’ve got to finish cleaning up. Why don’t you go inside and I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

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