Daily Prompt: Lecture (Ashley’s Story)

via Daily Prompt: Lecture


“I’m not going to sit here and listen to this lecture!”

Captain Renald stood up from the dining room table and faced his son down. “Yes, you are! You are going to sit in that chair and listen to every word I say. After that, you are going to think about what I said. Very carefully.”

“Ashley’s a bitch and is only using her power to get revenge for all the years I picked on her! This is bullshit! You should be lecturing her on her attitude.”

Henry Renald shook his head and sat down. “Riley, she’s not the first Messenger who came to me with this, she’s the latest. And I have a feeling that she’s going to be the last.” He gave his stubborn son a terrible look. “I don’t want to lose you, son.”

Henry’s look seemed to penetrate Riley’s attitude for a moment, but it came back tenfold. “I haven’t done anything wrong!”

“You stole the antique vase from the Parson’s place last week. It wasn’t the first thing you confiscated that didn’t reach the evidence room.”

Riley stood glaring at his father but didn’t say anything.

“When the first Messenger came to me, I didn’t believe it. After the third came to me, I started to listen. I assigned someone to you that watched you. I get reports. I know what is taken from each location and I know what makes it to the evidence room. I didn’t want to believe it, even with the proof in front of my eyes. I wanted it to be someone else on your team. I had people moved that were loyal to you and made sure the new people weren’t the type who would turn.”

Captain Renald stood and faced his son. “I have tried talking to you many times. Ashley has, too. The next step won’t be a Message. It’ll be an Assassin. And with all the evidence that has been found, it’ll be legal. You need to stop. Turn over anything you haven’t sold, turn in all the money and stop. Go clean. This is your last chance. Go home. Think about all this.”

Riley didn’t say anything but watched as his father moved away from the table and toward the kitchen. Before his father was completely out of sight, Riley pulled his gun from his holster, clicked off the safety and followed his father carefully. A moment later, the silence of the quiet suburb was shattered by a gunshot.



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