Daily Prompt: Imagination

via Daily Prompt: Imagination

I love my imagination. It is my favorite thing about me. My imagination has helped me write 19 novels, countless short stories and has given me brief moments in the clouds almost every day. My mind wanders a lot.

I also have a tendency to think of the worse possible scenario, at times. It’s not anxiety or paranoia, because I know it’s just my imagination flying off the handle, but it leads to some rather horrid thoughts, that are sometimes useful. For instance, the last time I went to France, a friend of mine agreed to stay in my place and look after my cats. I was days from leaving when I had a terrible thought of my apartment catching fire. Chances are, that wouldn’t happen but I still thought it might. I ran through all the things I needed to make sure my friend had before I left.

It was then that I came upon the largest actual problem: Though I had given her phone numbers for my family in France, I failed to take into account that my friend did not speak French, and some of my family does not speak English…

I ended up taking care of the issue by giving my friend my sister’s number, just in case.

The issue was solved, and of course, nothing horrid happened, but if I hadn’t had the thought of my apartment catching fire, I would never have figured out I needed to make sure my friend could actually relay any information to my family.

I love my imagination, regardless of what it brings.

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