Daily Prompt: Captivating

via Daily Prompt: Captivating

Though this passage does not contain the word “Captivating” I think it explains it well enough. This is the very first part of a book I have yet to talk much about. It is called “That Which Has No Name”. I will publish this one day. When I have more experience with such things.


Annabelle Fields stared up at Pastor Jordan from the first pew in the tiny wooden church. He was talking loudly, gesturing wildly with his arms, letting his emotions shine on his handsome face. His blue eyes were flashing and his short brown hair, usually slicked back, was unkempt. He was a large man, but then everyone was large next to Annabelle. She was 28 years old and stood five foot two inches. She’d been the same height since she turned 18. It made people think she was younger, which had not bothered her, until Pastor Jordan came to town three months ago.

Annabelle sighed as she continued to watch him. He was talking about the Creatures again, the ones God had sent long before humans. He started talking of these Creatures about two months ago, worrying some of the congregation, igniting the imagination of others. Annabelle didn’t care what he was talking about, as long as he was talking.

She tore her eyes away when he turned toward her and caught her eye. She blushed and ducked her head, feeling guilty when she felt her mom’s hand clamp down painfully on her knee. Her mother knew she had a crush on the Pastor and felt it was a sin. Annabelle was not the only one who had a crush on the new Pastor. Every woman in the small church had a crush on him, including Annabelle’s mom. Maryann dressed her best on Sundays, always sat in the first pew and always stayed late to talk to him, always keeping Annabelle close, but also keeping her quiet.

Annabelle asked her mother once why Maryann was allowed to flirt with the Pastor and she was not. Her mother had given her a dirty look, then hit her over and over with the family bible, quoting passages, insinuating her daughter’s real name was Delilah. It was the first and last time Annabelle had questioned the hypocrisy. Still, whenever Maryann caught her daughter looking at the Pastor in a certain way, she would beat her when they were alone, screaming scripture the whole time. Annabelle was tired of it, but couldn’t help looking at the Pastor. He was so handsome. Stray thoughts of watching him undress flitted through her mind as she blushed. She looked down at the bible in her hands and read the passages, not caring what she was reading. She was in church; she shouldn’t allow herself to fall into the devil’s temptation.

Breathing hard, Annabelle continued to read her bible until Pastor Jordan was done preaching. She lost herself in the choir’s voice, hoping that by the end of the service, her mother would have forgotten her indiscretion.






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