Daily Prompt: Frantic

via Daily Prompt: Frantic

From The Grey House, Book One:

“The Ocean’s Edge. This is Richard, how may I help you?” He sounded frantic.

“This is Charlie, I work for Vincent. I need to know the last time Natalie was at work.”

There was a pause. “Who did you say you were?”

“I was sitting at the table to the right of Vincent.”

“Oh yes, sir. I know who you are.” Another pause. Charlie was wondering if Richard was going to talk to him when he finally came back on. “The last time she worked was Monday.”

“Has she called?”


“Has she ever missed work before?” He already knew the answer.

“No. Never even been late.”

“I want you to call me if you hear from her.” He rattled off his number and hung up. He drummed his fingers on the phone then decided. He had to find Vincent. Charlie paused with his hand on the doorknob, really considering his actions.

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