Daily Prompt: Toxic

via Daily Prompt: Toxic

In The Grey House Trilogy, I’ve used the word ‘intoxicated’ a few times, but not ‘toxic’. I was not surprised by that, and decided to try finding the word in another book. The book is probably a two parter, but only the first part is written.

Though the book is about spiders, I never use the word ‘toxic’. I decided to try venom and even though someone is bitten by a spider a few times, I did not use the word ‘venom’. I cringed as I decided to make sure I didn’t use the word ‘poison’. Spiders are venomous and have venom. They are not poisonous and therefor ‘poison’ should not be used to describe their venom. Sigh… I used ‘poison’ a few times and once was incorrectly. At least this daily prompt helped me find it.

Here is the paragraph where the word ‘poison’ was used (it has been corrected):


Ann screamed as the black widow came out from behind a leaf and seemingly flew at her daughter’s finger. She tried to pull Mary away, but the spider reached her first. Ann batted at Mary’s finger, squeezing on her finger hard to helplessly stop the venom from invading her daughter’s body and killing her. Ann was up and screaming for her husband before the spider hit the ground. Ann squashed it with her garden shoe and ran to the house.

“SAM! Get the car! A black widow bit Mary!”

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