Daily Prompt: Parallel

via Daily Prompt: Parallel

Parallel always makes me think of parallel universe(s).

A friend once posted on social media a question on whether or not sarcasm was lying. People debated nicely, and she and I ended up having a further discussion about lying, its meaning and writing in person.

It could be argued that creative writing is lying. I decided that we didn’t really know, though. What if writers were actually tapping into parallel universes and writing about the things they saw there? What if we aren’t making it up? What if somehow our brains or souls or even our hands were connected to other universes and we wrote what we saw/experienced without even knowing we were doing it?

Maybe that’s why stories don’t always go the way we planned. Because the characters are alive and we don’t completely know what they are going to do, because nuances exist that we are not aware of.

That means that every piece of writing we have “created” is actually another world. There are billions and billions of worlds out there, waiting to be written about. I really dig that.



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