Daily Prompt: Tantrum

via Daily Prompt: Tantrum

No tantrums in The Grey House. Here’s a scene from an unfinished novel called Feed the Piggies:

“Why can’t we just talk?” Her voice grew petulant and a little hesitant. “I just…want someone to talk to.”

He dropped her and stepped back. “What’s there to talk about?”

“We’re the same.”

Willem laughed. “No, we are most assuredly not.”

“I kill people; you kill people. We’re the same.”

“I don’t kill anyone.” His voice sounded rather confident, as if he believed his own lie.

“I know you do. I saw what you did to that last person. You fed the remains to your pigs.”

“Get out.”

She crossed her arms like a child throwing a tantrum. “No! I want to talk!”



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