I’ve been re-reading some of my books lately, I do that sometimes. I re-read Hell’s Junction, Nephilim, Feed the Piggies, The Storm, Starry Night, and a couple more. Though Hell’s Junction is older than the other ones I’ve re-read, I’ve had an interesting thought about most of the others.

Nephilim, Feed the Piggies, and, Starry Night all feel young. Like an inexperienced writer wrote them. Feed the Piggies is the newest of the bunch, but it still feels off. Now, Nephilim and Feed the Piggies are not finished works. Large chapters are missing, but I have read other incomplete works of mine that don’t feel as “young”. I don’t know how to fix that.

And how in the heck does a book feel “young”? Maybe they are just missing some intrinsic piece of the plot that I have not thought of yet. It’s not that I haven’t written part of the plot, it’s that I have not thought of the missing part. The stories are complete in my mind, but not on paper/computer.

After moving a section of book around in Nephilim, I realized that the books are young due to being incomplete ideas. They need a lot more work. Which is awesome and frustrating at the same time.

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