Daily Prompt: Damage

From The Grey House:

He nodded then looked to Natalia. She was still out cold and there was blood seeping from the bandages. He looked up to Sandra. “Do you know if she’ll be all right?”

“I’m no more than a field medic. I can dress wounds, and that type of thing, but I don’t have training. We’re taking the two of you to Vincent’s estates.”

“Natalia’s place is closer. Or even that doctor we saw in Oakland.”

“Though Vincent’s Estates are further, Ben is there. It being daylight…” Her pleasant voice turned a bit sarcastic at the end.

Charlie blushed. “Right. I…” He looked to Natalia. “I forgot. I’m worried about her. What about Oakland?”

“Don’t have that doctor’s information and even if we did, it would take too much to have him take care of this. We’ll have our people take care of her. What about you? Any damage?”

He shook his head.

“Let’s just keep you calm then and get back to the estates. I’ve gone 34 years without a mishap with a werewolf and I would like to keep it that way.”

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