Daily Prompt: Hurl

From The Grey House:

There was shouting behind her but she hardly heard it. There was a deafening roar and something hit her back. She tensed as claws penetrated her shirt and skin. She felt teeth on her neck and stopped struggling. The woman was a werewolf. The look in her eye had been that of barely suppressed rage. The raging beast had thankfully decided to pounce on her as a wolf, and had her snout around her neck, pressing softly, not breaking skin. It was wolf claws penetrating her skin and not foot long Blitzkrieg claws buried deep within her body. Natalia had time to wonder, as hands grabbed her arms and the snout let go and the claws pulled away, how the woman controlled herself so well. The thought was hurled from her mind as she was slammed against the side of the steps. Her vision sparkled, and she nearly passed out.

Through her tunnel vision Natalia made out the shapes of four Blitzkriegs forming a barrier between her and the Slayers. One of her guards picked her up and calmly walked up the steps as the werewolves faced off the Slayers. She went limp and passed out.

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