Daily Prompt: Thank

From The Grey House:

“I have been trapped here for an unknown amount of time. If you think you can stop me from going home, you are tangling with the wrong woman. I’ll walk if I have to.”

As Vincent stared up at her in disbelief, Mierka laughed. Everyone looked to her as Vincent stood. He glared at Mierka.

“Natalia has a point, Vincent. She needs time to heal. And maybe you need time to get a healer.” Mierka’s smirk could be heard in her words.

Natalia looked to the woman. “Thank you.”

Mierka nodded to her then went back to staring at Vincent.

“Fine.” His teeth were clenched. Vincent turned back to Natalia. “Charlie will drive you home,” he looked to Charlie, “but he will stop at my estates to drop off the van and use another car to drive you home. I want the books and artifacts unloaded tonight, not on a city street. You will stay with her and guard her until she comes to my estates.”

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