Daily Prompt: Test

From The Grey House:

Vincent turned his back on the mage but waited until Carlos and his guard left. The easy ones were done.

Keith was staring at him. “What are you going to do to me, sire?”

Vincent sighed. “I was impressed with you the first time I saw you. It was your first day at The Red Thread, remember? You handled the situation so well. While most of your co-workers ran, you remembered your training and used it. I saw so much potential.” Vincent was now holding Keith’s head in his hands, gently, like a father with his son. “I really believed you were stronger than this. You have been tested time and time again, and with each test you proved your loyalty. Do you know how many vampires I’ve created in my three hundred years on this earth? Eight.”

He let go of Keith and started pacing again. “I remember each time, each person and know what each person is doing now. Two of them fell to Slayers. Three, like me, are living quietly and richly. One is helping my sire rule her city. Then there is you. You are the youngest, so maybe the comparison is unfair, but you showed so much promise. That is why, even though I prefer changing women, I changed you myself. I wanted to guide you and show you how things should be done, yet you decide to do as you please.”

Vincent stopped pacing and stood with arms crossed in front of the boy. “I know where you’ve been sleeping.”

Keith’s expression finally strayed. Through all Vincent’s ranting, he had looked slightly bored; as if he knew everything that was to happen. Now, he showed fear. Joseph came to Vincent’s side; the other two guards flanked them. They no longer had their crossbows, but were slowly changing.

“Please Vincent, don’t feed me to them.”

“They are here for my protection.”

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