Daily Prompt: Doubt

From The Grey House:

He looked at Vincent. “I started to wonder why. I threw myself into magic just to be able to maybe repay you for what you did for us, not what you did for an ancestor. Then I started wondering if you were helping us to keep us in debt. So now I need to know. What will it take to get me out of your debt?”

Vincent leaned back, slowly swirling his glass. “You are out of debt. Your life is your own. You may do with it as you please.”

Carlos doubted the sincerity behind the words. “How? How can we possibly be out of your debt? And how do I know you won’t kill me like you killed your three bouncers?”

Vincent kept swirling the glass taking small sips of the fine brandy. “They betrayed me, you did not. I repay betrayal with death and torture. I repay loyalty in a much different way.” He stood, placed his glass on the desk and walked over to Carlos. “Do you really believe I would repay loyalty with disdain?”

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