Daily Prompt: Stride

From The Grey House:

“I listen to Vincent. I protect him. If you hurt him in any way, I will not hesitate to end your life. Understand?”

Natalia tried to keep her heart calm and her mind steady, but it was hard. She finally placed the voice. She nodded as best she could, with his hand still wrapped around her neck.

“Good.” He let her go.

“I know who you are.”

He stopped mid stride, turned back and raised an eyebrow.

“I dreamt of you.”

He smiled, turned and simply vanished. Though she recently saw the same thing with Tony Lam, it still unnerved her. Natalia cursed him for simply smiling at what she said. She walked the few blocks to her car and tried not to be upset. What had the smile meant, anyway? He gave her the same smile in her dreams.

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