Daily Prompt: Recognize

From The Grey House:

“Anything interesting?”

“We won’t know until we look through it. We’ll need a translator for the books. The ones I looked at weren’t in English.”

Vincent picked up a book, turning the pages carefully by the corners. He didn’t want the brittle pages to crumble. He put the book down once he recognized the language. Although he could identify Russian, he could not read it. “What are we doing with the remains and the cabin?”

“We can’t burn it; the woods will catch. Who owns the land?”

Vincent stared at Rebecca for a moment then gave her a sly smile. He took out his cell phone. By the time Rebecca and Charlie finished searching the house and gathering all the books and artifacts, Vincent’s people were well on the way to purchasing the cabin and the land around it for five square miles. Still on the phone, he left the cabin with his wolves, and arranged for some of his people to come and occupy the land. They would take care of the bodies well before the land was his. Though he was certain he would be able to acquire the lands, they needed to be cleared if anyone came to check. He used code words with his people, knowing it was safer than talking about bodies on a cell phone.

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