Daily Prompt: World

From The Grey House:

“If it means Bethany’s safety, yes.”

He traced the line of her jaw with his cool fingers, helping to relieve her pains. “So much pain, Natalia, for what? A human? Is she worth it? Would she do this for you?”

“No, but I wouldn’t expect her to.” Natalia’s determined look was back. “She doesn’t know what the world is really like.”

“Why do this for her then, if she doesn’t know the truth?”
She sagged, letting her head rest in his hand. “She’s the last tie to a normal life that I have. I wasn’t ready to let her go until I realized she might die because of me.”

“And now?” His hand was caressing her neck.

“I want her to live a normal life, and that’s impossible with me in it. I want her freed and sent on her way. And I don’t want her to know what really happened.” She sat a little straighter, a little taller, looking him in the eye. “Will you do it then? Will you free her?”

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