Daily Prompt: Height

From The Grey House:

“Good. I’m rather hungry. Bring one up here.”

“Yes, sir.” Mierka left but was back within minutes with a human female. The woman was taller than Mierka and very muscular. Most of the humans on Vincent’s land were. She looked at Vincent steadily with her hazel eyes but ran a shaky hand through her short mousy brown hair.

Vincent regarded her over his tented fingers from the recliner he was sitting in. “Have you been fed on recently?”

“No, sir.”

“Good.” He stood slowly, and heard her breath catch as he drew himself to his full height. “Angela, correct?”

“Yes.” Her heart was beating faster, but it was due to Mierka’s continued presence, not Vincent’s daunting form.

“Come to me, Angela.” She did so willingly.

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