Daily Prompt: Wood

From The Grey House:

“Fine. Be there in a moment.” Vincent looked at Natalia. “I’m not done with you yet. Stay where you are.”

Vincent turned from her, walking quickly to the door. He threw open the door and stepped outside, keeping the door ajar. Natalia tried to watch but couldn’t; the vampires were just out of sight. Natalia removed the gauze from her shoulder and tossed it into the trash. She pulled her shirt back on as she strolled to the window, checking things out. The windows in the room opened out and were tall enough for her plan. The second floor of the club was an add on and wasn’t the same dimensions as the first floor. It was a seven-foot drop to the roof. No problem. The drop from that roof to the street was a little bit harrowing. That was probably about twenty feet. She could jump to the wood awning covering the entrance way, then to the street. Natalia nodded. It would have to do.

Natalia turned and strolled to the opposite wall. The door was close enough that she could hear the two vampires speaking. Anthony was reporting on something involving Edwin, but she couldn’t hear what. Looking through the open door, she could now see Vincent’s ear. She stared at it for a few seconds, closed her eyes and breathed deep. She turned to face the window.

“Vincent? Don’t take too long.” And she ran.

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