Daily Prompt: Honest

From The Grey House:

Mierka, honestly worried, knelt in front of him, placing her hand on his knee. “Vincent? Are you truly, all right?”

He paused, giving her a blank look. “For the past two nights, I woke from a dream of her with the wrong woman’s scent all about me. I’m told I can’t have her until she is healed, which is far longer then I care to wait. You could exhaust me each night until she is healed, and I wouldn’t be satisfied. I have felt like this before and understand the dangers. Since no woman but Natalia will gratify me, I will do what I have to.” Vincent paused, a familiar look on his face. “There are humans downstairs, correct?”

“Yes.” She sat on the bed to slip on her jeans, socks and shoes.

“Good. I’m rather hungry. Bring one up here.”

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