Daily Prompt: Energy

From The Grey House:

He pulled her onto his lap. She didn’t resist. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have the strength. Now, she was low on energy. She had run three miles and had sex with Vincent for at least four hours. In her current condition, she wouldn’t be able to pull away from a human.

“Then I will lock you in a room and take you out when I’m ready for you.” He sounded serious.

Natalia adjusted herself to straddle and face Vincent. Her voice was seductive, but her eyes were hard. “If you do, I’ll find a way out and I’ll go to your room while you’re asleep and I’ll expose you to the sun, even if it means hacking through a concrete wall with my fists. I’ll eventually take you up on the offer, but this meeting is very important to me. Let. Me. Go.”

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