Daily Prompt: Love

Today, when I woke up, my fiance let me know that there was a package at the front door from a very good friend of mine. It contained a postcard and two packages of coffee. Reading the postcard made me think of how wonderful and loving my friends are. (They are seriously fabulous.)

Therefore today, rather than share something from The Grey House, I want to share something from Hell’s Junction about love. What follows is something I believe about love said through the main character Cassie:

“Love is eternal, Cassiel. Doesn’t matter if it lasts one second or one lifetime or ten thousand lifetimes. If someone loves you, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life and so will they. One person can love another for many reasons: to get into their bed, to steal from them, to gain emotional control over them. Because they feel so strongly for the other person that they need to let the other person know, no matter what the reaction will be. In the end, the reason for the love doesn’t matter, one learns from love. If the love is real, the person learns trust and understanding. If the love is fake, they learn to guard themselves a little better. Love is a hard lesson, but love is worth it, especially if it’s real.”

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