Daily Prompt: Demon

From The Grey House:

“I made government watchdogs watch demons, vampires and other critters that were killing humans. They’d take care of the killers and the militia group stayed safe and out of the radar. They weren’t out to hurt anyone, so I didn’t see the harm in helping them. They were sad to see me go.”

“What was the place like?”

“They ran the place like a military boot camp, but you could stay as long as you wanted. Three or four of the men who ran the place were ex-Marines. I’m not sure why they put the camp together and didn’t care. They had no problem with me being there as long as I didn’t ask too many questions and as long as I kept up. There were a lot of days I didn’t think I’d make it; but I did. I learned everything I could. It took me five years, but it was worth it. I can take on any man or woman that faces me and I know I can take out a young vampire.”

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