Back of the Book

For The Grey House:

Natalia Dveski lives in a world much like our own. However, once you peer beneath the surface you find werewolves, vampires, mages, and Slayers. Natalia learns early in life that not all Slayers are good and not all Hellspawn are evil.

To avenge her mother’s death, Natalia pursues Vincent in an attempt to infiltrate vampire society.  Immediately drawn to the handsome vampire, she does as she must to gain his allegiance.

Vincent Grey is not certain this human can be an asset, but their brief encounters leave him wanting more. She is all he could want in a partner…if only she can be convinced to leave her mortality behind.

The Grey House is Book One of the Grey House Trilogy. It is based on the Role-Playing Game The World of Contagion, created by Travis Legge.

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