Daily Prompt: Tree

From The Grey House:

“Don’t move. I’m removing your blindfold and untying your legs.” Zechariah’s voice was pleasant, but she knew that tone and didn’t trust it. Nevertheless, she let him remove the blindfold and watched as he removed the rope from her ankles. He then helped her climb out of the truck.

Natalia blinked hard as the sun shifted through the trees and nearly blinded her. She took a deep breath and smelled pine. They were in a coniferous forest. She looked around and confirmed that tall pine trees nearly surrounded them. She looked to Zechariah, then saw Dean behind him to the right. To Dean’s left was a man she’d never seen before. He had a look on his face she didn’t like. She stared him down until Zechariah stepped in front of her to gain her attention.

“Come now. I’ll take you to your room.”

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