Daily Prompt: Lean

From The Grey House:

“Natalia,” he paused, caressed her cheek, leaned in and placed a light kiss on her lips. Natalia pulled back slightly, surprised by the tenderness. “There is much that I would like to do to you and have you do to me, but you are in no condition to match my desires. I don’t deny I want you, but if I take you now, when you’re already hurt, I’ll hurt you further. We’re not doing this today.”

She stared into his eyes, wondering what he had wanted to do to her before she took the beating from Marshal. She also wondered about the kiss. It revealed far more about him than he probably wanted it to. Natalia reached up and placed her hand on his cheek, caressing his lips with her thumb. She wanted him, but knew he was right. She wouldn’t be able to take him on his terms. She nodded as her eyes closed to hide her emotion.

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