Daily Prompt: Double

From The Grey House:

Tonight, there was double the number expected. Vincent made his plans based on the smaller number but had no choice except to proceed. Most of the new people arrived two hours before Vincent and his men. There was no time to call for backup. Vincent knew what his people were capable of and stayed the course.

Rebecca gave the signal and the three werewolves advanced. With them were three vampires: Vincent, Joseph, who was standing by his master, and Mierka, who was somewhere in the woods, finding an alternate way into the house. As the werewolves advanced up the long driveway, they changed into wolf form and merged with the woods. They were quieter as wolves, and less conspicuous. Vincent and Joseph, after checking to make sure that the wolves were doing well, ran up the drive. The werewolves were there for stealth; the vampires were there for speed and strength.

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