Daily Prompt: Conveniently

From The Grey House:

Natalia sat on the plastic milk crate, which had conveniently been left in the entryway of the apartment building. Upon arrival, she tried the door; it was unlocked. She went upstairs to explore and found various bits of nothing: broken furniture, rats, dust, drug paraphernalia, lots of used condoms and left-over food. There were also a couple tattered bits of paper, which turned out to be condemned signs. Unsure if anyone was here, she staggered around, acting hurt and confused. She even managed to call out in a strangled voice.

As she explored, Natalia thought of the story she was going to tell Zechariah. Her face was colored with bruises and there was blood on her shirt from where Vincent fed off her, but she didn’t know if it would be enough to convince the Slayer. She stood looking at herself in a dirty, half broken full-length mirror and knew her clothing didn’t look convincing.

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