Daily Prompt: Clear

From The Grey House:

Natalia was against any grand-scale plan that would eventually involve the local government. When confronted with reality, humans tended to lose their minds, but Zechariah seemed to want that. He thought it might bring about the end of all Hellspawn. Natalia knew all it would do was kill humans. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind. She was back at the restaurant. She didn’t want Richard seeing her anxious face. Then she realized that the main lights were off. Only the lights on the deck were lit. She had the place to herself. She heaved a sigh of relief as she ran up the steps.

At the top of the steps, Natalia stopped dead. She was not alone, as she had thought. Sitting at her table with all her things laid out was the vampire who flitted through her dreams. He was sitting with one foot resting on the other knee, elbows on the armrests, hands tented in front of his face.

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