Daily Prompt: Miserable

From The Grey House:

Natalia sat in a huddled position, trying to look miserable. Considering she had just left the safety of her lover’s arms for an uncertain reunion with Zechariah, it wasn’t hard to pretend. She shifted until she found a position that allowed her a view of the street. Before long, she saw a maroon minivan with tinted windows pull up and drop off a young man carrying a large backpack. She watched as he went into The Hook Up, trying not to smile. She cringed as her lip split. She didn’t try to smile again.

Natalia sat huddled, wishing she could go to The Hook Up and get some food. She was hungry. The events of the evening had not allowed for nourishment, and the blood loss was adding to her already aching head. She started to breathe deep, trying hard to control the pounding. Part of the headache eased when, about 20 minutes later, Rebecca and the guy with the large backpack came out of The Hook Up. She watched as they climbed into the maroon minivan then watched it drive out of sight. Another similar van appeared at the nearby corner moments later.

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