Daily Prompt: Bury

From The Grey House:

She sighed. “I don’t know who else. It was after I found out how crazy this world really was. I freed a werewolf when I was trapped in a Slayer’s house. Charlie was human and in a cage. He asked for my help. I freed him. He turned Blitzkreig and killed the Slayer. I used alcohol to bury the memory. Woke up one day with a vampire bite on my wrist. I knew then that I had to change my ways or lose myself completely.”

He gazed at her, intrigued. He did not know this story. “One day, you will tell me all your stories.”

Natalia was surprised by the amount of interest in his eyes. He wanted to know more about her. She smiled. “Yes. Will you tell me yours?”

“I have been alive for a long time, Natalia. I don’t remember all of them.” Some he simply did not want to remember.

“Will you tell me what you can remember?”


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