Daily Prompt: Ritual

This is actually from Inside the Grey House, but will most probably be featured as an extra chapter in The Grey House:

Lorraine hung up the phone, sat in her chair and looked toward Vincent, who was leaning against the door. “All my healers went down to North Carolina for a ritual. They can’t spare anyone until this afternoon. Lilly will be here at sunrise. It’s the best I can do.”

Vincent stared at her fuming. “You said you had someone here.”

Lorraine leaned back in her chair, placed her feet on the desk and her hands behind her head. The robe slid open revealing every inch of her pale petite body. Vincent felt himself reacting, knowing what she was capable of despite her size. “I told you I thought I could have someone here. And I really thought I could Vincent, love. I’ve been trying since you called.”

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