Daily Prompt: Sock

From The Grey House:

Zechariah stayed true to his word. As long as she did as she was told and showed no defiance, she was allowed to roam the cabin freely. She was allowed outside if someone was with her and allowed to bathe and change her clothing on a regular basis. Miguel bought her three pairs of jeans and enough shirts, underwear and socks to have clean clothing every day as long as she did her laundry once a week. She had to wash her clothing in the sink and hang everything out to dry, but she didn’t care. It was clean clothing.

Natalia was still locked in a room at night, but she could count the passage of time. Also, she had a bed and a table in the room. She wasn’t forced to sleep on the floor. And as the door was locked, she didn’t have to worry about anyone coming in uninvited. Zechariah and Dean were the only ones allowed to unlock her door. She was also being fed on a regular basis; one of her chores was to cook the daily meals. Someone else bought the food.

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