Daily Prompt: Respect

From Inside The Grey House:

Vincent led Lilly and her women upstairs to the spare bedroom, not wasting any time on greetings. His people stayed out of his way. Joseph was at the top of the stairs, waiting. As Vincent’s foot hit the second-floor landing, his guard started walking, also mute. Joseph held the door open for Vincent and Lilly, nodding to the ladies as they walked by. He knew who they were and respected them.

The three ladies were healers from the House of the Turning Sky. The House was well respected but at the same time was looked down upon. They were a small group, with maybe twenty healers, but seemed to be growing. They worked differently than other healers Joseph had met. They used their own will and the energy in the air and in the Earth rather than spells in books. It required the healer to have a stronger will than the person they were healing, at least for the first time. As Mierka led the other ladies to the bathroom down the hall, Joseph shook his head. Lilly had a strong will, but he wondered if it would be strong enough to combat Natalia’s.

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