Daily Prompt: Glowered

From Inside The Grey House:

Vincent placed his hands on her thighs, feeling the tackiness of the blood on his left hand. The kiss grew more intense as she bared her teeth and bit his tongue. As the blood flowed into their mouths, his hands moved to her back to pull her out of the chair. He stood and set her on the desk. Her arms went around his neck to tighten the gap between them. She continued to suck on his bleeding tongue. He plunged one hand into her red tresses and pulled her head away from his. He healed the wound and glowered at her.

“Haven’t you taken enough?” He could feel his control slipping. If she didn’t satisfy at least one desire soon, he could become ornery.

“Vincent, love. You forget your place.” There was a hard edge to her teasing tone.

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