Daily Prompt: Moon

From Inside the Grey House:

Charlie considered the situation. “She had a really bad infection a long time ago. Could it be affecting her now?”

Ben gave him a look. “No.”

Charlie felt rather irritated by Ben’s tone of voice but slammed a mental door on the thought. It was only a few days until the full moon. He was cranky but didn’t want to be sedated again. “So what is it?”

“I’m guessing poison.”

“Orlando was shot too. He’s doing fine.”

“Charlie, Orland and Natalia were shot by two different people at two different times.” Ben realized it might be best to get Charlie out of here, but understood the man’s worry for Natalia. “We have the woman who shot her. We’re trying to get some information from her, but I’m not sure she’ll be useful. We’ll figure it out.”

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