Daily Prompt: Consume

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia gasped. She pushed him back to look in his eyes. “How did you know?”

His grin was pure evil. “I have my ways.”

Natalia gasped again as he plunged deep into her. She shuddered as his icy length chilled her. Vincent growled low and long as her wet heat surrounded and encased him. He felt his desires coming back to claim him. His eyes closed as a wave of hunger consumed his thoughts. The image of the human he had devoured the night before came back to him, as did the memory of what he and Lorraine had done to each other. He opened his eyes and stared down at the human in his arms, unseeing. The image of the carnage he and Lorraine had done to each other’s body swam before his eyes. He and Natalia couldn’t do most of what he and Lorraine had done, but they could do some.

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