Daily Prompt: Book

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia rearranged the books according to fiction and non-fiction, to make it easier to find the ones she considered useful. She integrated the Slayer journals as well, placing them in order by year started, showing Vincent the ones written about him. He enjoyed her company and found himself wanting to integrate her into his business life. First, he had to stop her from fighting. He was also annoyed that Natalia never apologized for her actions and her words. She simply went about doing her best to aggravate him.

Vincent was brought back to the present when he heard the door to the garage open and close, then heard as Mierka approached his woman. He crossed his arms and waited. Joseph signaled to Anthony and Kimberly to stop the sparring match they barely started.

Mierka’s voice came through the open ballroom doors. She was speaking louder for Vincent’s benefit. “He’s not happy with you.”

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