Daily Prompt: Ready

From Inside the Grey House:

“Downstairs in his office.” Lilly stood, heading for the door. “He’s almost ready to see you.”

Natalia held her head high. As she didn’t feel dizzy, she walked at her normal pace to the door, reaching it before Lilly. “Well, I’m ready to see him. Let’s go.”

Lilly shook her head. She hoped for Vincent’s sake that he knew what kind of woman he was sharing his bed with. She also wondered, as she led the human downstairs, if Natalia knew the kind of creature she wanted to sleep with. Lilly came back to herself as she noticed Natalia pause, place a hand to her forehead and nearly fall. Lilly caught her before the woman fell too far. The healer cradled the human as all around her, doors were opened and slammed shut.

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