Daily Prompt: Fighting

From Inside the Grey House:

Ben let her roll out of the way, watching her every action. He told her numerous times over the past two years, how much he loved to watch her fight, kissing her hand each time. In his many years of experience, he found that when fighting a woman, he could catch a glimpse of how she would perform in bed. Natalia’s movements on the training floor were nimble, graceful, fluid. She was very skilled.

He wondered, as she positioned herself, why she was not yet vampire. Were she a vampire, the fight would have ended already, and she would have been victorious. He was more skilled than she, but her determination was stronger. She stood before him in all her beauty, wearing far less than everyone else. The vampires were dressed in black long-sleeved tight-fitting exercise outfits; the werewolves were in sweats. She was dressed in nylon biker shorts and matching top. The top looked more like a sports bra than a shirt. The outfit exposed her flat stomach and toned limbs, clinging to the rest of her body, not leaving much to the imagination. He imagined anyway, considering how it would be to strip her of her skimpy clothing. He knew most of the men in the room had had similar thoughts. He gave her a sly smile as she nodded her readiness.

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