Daily Prompt: Wrap

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent knocked Joseph’s arm away, concentrating on healing his newest wound. Natalia watched as his eyes and wound closed. His chest was covered in blood. He reached up to touch his neck, then stopped with his hand to his nose. A slight tremor appeared in his hand as he sucked on his right palm. Her blood was on that hand. Natalia dropped her sword arm, knowing she had him. She glanced at Joseph, who seemed to understand her look and stepped away from Vincent. The sword clattered to the floor, and Vincent opened his eyes. Natalia caught his gaze, brought her left hand to her right arm, and lifted them both in front of her. She untied the wrapping and unraveled the bandage as he watched. She dropped the bandage to the floor, catching his gaze again. Vincent watched as she held her arm out. The look in her eyes was clear. He trembled as the scent of her blood slammed into his nostrils.

Natalia advanced toward him. “On your knees, vampire, or you get nothing.”

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